26 Feb

A huge and exciting day today with the launch of our sixth successful episode. A good friend of mine, actor Allen Regimbal guest stars on this weeks episode and the reviews just back up what we all really wanted…this episode is hilarious. Whenever you get Allen, Oggy and I in a room together hilarity is sure to ensue. We go into all sorts of wild stuff like native americas, super heroes, what to do in south dakota besides masturbate, and what its really like experience the culture shock that is Los Angeles. In addition to that, we woke to overwhelming news. The Infamous Chronicles podcast has now passed 1600 total listens for the season so far and has over 300 downloads. We are currently sititng int he top 20 literature podcasts on the internet and couldnt be more excited. The final exciting news is that Allen that is featured on this weeks episode is in fact whom the character of Reggie Scott is based on in my upcoming novel, Topics Too, due out April 27th 2013.


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