TIC Blog sits down with author Jeremy P Elder to discuss Second Star rumors and upcoming Topics novels

11 Feb




In December of 2012 it was finally announced when fans can expect a new novel by groundbreaking author Jeremy P Elder. Then last week on his podcast, The Infamous Chronicles, Jeremy announced an official release date for his newest novel (finally titled) Topics Too: The Sequel. We can expect that book, which is a sequel to his controversial 2008 best selling independent novel The Topics of Heroes, on April 27th 2013. The Infamous Chronicles Blog sat down with the author this morning to commit his plans for 2013. Here is our interview:
TICB: Good morning Jeremy. So after all this time and your commitment to The Infamous Chronicles viral campaign, why now did you finally decide it was time to do an interview?
JPE: Well, you kinda decided that for me didnt you. (laughs) Listen you guys work so hard  for me on the podcast, blogs and website and you have been hounding me about all of the ‘unanswered questions’ the fans have for whats coming from myself and the Infamousworks team so I wanted to help clarify some of that
TICB: Okay well let’s start with a big one; why such a long wait between the first novel and your new one?
JPE: I would love to tell you that there was a lengthy planning process, or that research was done or whatever other clever thing I could say to make it sound justified for the wait but the honest to God truth is that I had just horrible writers block. It wasn’t just Topics that I was stuck on it was writing in general. In the five years between the first and second book I only wrote one short story, and that is still unfinished. I was dead stuck. Finally my daughter was born and I had so much late night time that I was up with her or waiting just in case she would wake up that my nerves were so fried I just had to write to get my frustration out. I started with writing my daughter emails and then it became short stories then the light just came on for where I wanted to take the Topics series and it was a BIG light.
TICB: And is it true that it only took you a week to write the whole book?
JPE: I was so fixated on it I had the entire first draft done in a week. It might have even been less to be honest. It was crazy, this thing that had me stuck for five years was finally just done. I outsourced one chapter to a dear friend to help out with but besides that it was done. I finished it and turned in the untitled draft to my publisher and editor and the ball finally got rolling.
TICB: So what can fans expect different about this book and with where the series is going?
JPE:  Well it’s a little strange to explain but although this is probably the fastest I have ever written a completed story from start to finish, it is hands down the best thing I have ever written. It is so much deeper and invested than the previous novel. I became so passionately attached to the characters in the story that an entire new universe began working in my head for these people within the Topics stories and when I sent  the draft out for test readings the feeling was unnannimous. The fist story had harsh, critical praise but this, I had only positive constructive feedback and I was finally very proud of something that I was going to publish.  
TICB: Tell us about this ‘universe’ that you have in mind for your Topics series.
JPE: Well Topics was a stand alone story that evolved into an opportunity to write a sequel. It wasn’t until about a year after it was published that I started thinking, well what do these guys become? Since then I have created a very detailed and intricate timeline of the series with Topics of Heroes being Braile’s prologue to his life which picks up in Topics Too and will ultimately be finalized in the third book. However, in that you have these other rich characters that exist and who’s lives don’t revolve around Braile but deserve just as much of attention so the roadmap was laid out that they will begin their own quadrilogy which starts this Winter with the character of Agi’s stand-alone story called The Toics of Agi. The story will take place between The Topics of Heroes, Topics Too and set up for the third book. In Spring of 2014 I will publish Topics of Reeve which will tell the story of Reeve Colyn’s and her non profit to rescue teenage suicide survivors and will take place about a year or two before Topics Too and during part of Topics of Agi. In Winter of 2014 you will get Topics of Reggie which is the story of Reggie and his journey to hollywood to become an actor, how he failed that and moved back to South Dakota to try and restart his life. This story will take place just before Topics Too and after it, also leading into the final book. In 2015 you will get the last stand-alone story which will tell the tale of our antogonist after the events of Topics of Heroes and what led to his hatred for Braile and the events that occur during Topics Too. Then the final book in the series will be called The Last Topics and nicely wrap up everyone’s stories.
TICB: Wow that seems like a lot.
JPE: Because all of the characters in these stories are based on real people that I know so well they are generally easier for me to write and get excited about and I owe it to their commitment and support to flesh out this universe and give something for everyone. 
TICB: And what’s with the mysterious Second Star announcement?
JPE: Ah yes, well Second Star is a very personal project for me. It will be the largest thing I have ever taken on and it will be a huge achievement once it is complete. The website is launched and all I can say on it at this time is that I will change Peter Pan forever.
TICB: Bold statement.
JPE: Well it would’nt be me if it wasn’t (laughing)
And that was our brief interview with the author, who quickly closed the Second Star questions and did not really shine any new light on the mysterious announcement. Huge announcement for the Topics universe though. 
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