The Infamous Chronicles Season 2 Premier

8 Apr

The Infamous Chronicles Season 2 Premier

Check out the world premier of The Infamous Chronicles podcast season 2. Voted BEST NEW INDY PODCAST OF 2013, the show comes roaring back with new material and a new co-host.


BEHOLD – TIC Episode 8 Is Available Now!

11 Mar

BEHOLD - TIC Episode 8 Is Available Now!

The Infamous Chronicles Season 1: Episode 8 is available now! Coming in to rave reviews and being held as “the funniest shit TIC has ever put out,” episode 8 dives into loyalty in the work place, more soda references, and the reveal that the show is now heard worldwide.

Interview with groundbreaking indpendent authro Jeremy P Elder

5 Mar

Some of us here at Infamousworks and the Infamous Chronicles get to see author Jeremy P Elder on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The idea was batted around several times to sit him and actually get a full disclosure interview with him and that challenge landed in my lap. About a week ago while editing TIC podcast I wrote out the questions I wanted answers to and asked Jeremy what he’d think of an interview. The next night he was at my house with a bottle of wine.

TIC: So Jeremy, Topics Too is right around the corner, are you getting nervous?

JPE: laughs Well yeah wouldn’t you be!

TIC: That’s why I’m not a writer. It’s been five years since your last book and you have been doing almost all of the marketing for your new novel thru your own channels, how well do you think you have the target audience prepared for your new book?

JPE: Wow, what a great question. Well the wishful answer would be pretty damn well. But we dont live in a perfect world and when the book launches it will be on all of us at Infamousworks because I was adamant about not letting anyone else get a piece of this pie and ruin my work like the fiasco that was the first book.I think that right now, the podcast that we do is opening marketing floodgates I could have never imagined.

TIC: The podcast is now in over 15 different countries around the world and has over 2000 plays. Did you expect it would come to this?

JPE: Not in my wildest dreams honestly. When my friend, The Maestro, came over one night he was showing me and talking to me about his Martian Landscape radio show he did and how he is currently putting it out in podcast format. I loved the concept right out the gate and thought “I could do that!” I invited him to guest host with me and he swung for the bleachers from the first episode. Now when we started he only had between 20-30 plays for his own podcast and we blew past 100 plays in less than a week after he appeared on TIC. Its been a wild ride for all of us because the underlying theme of the show is my literature and art of other friends of mine but its blasted out at people in this hilarious no holds barred format that really works to the benefit of the book.

TIC: So what is next after Topics Too does launch and whats left of the podcast then?

JPE: Well Topics Too evolved so much from the original story that it’s hard to even say they are connected and that’s the great part is the way that they are connected will catch readers off guard. After Topics Too I continue this universe in a second spin-off trilogy Friends with Topics. Each of the three books will chronicle the lives of the characters in Topics Too before during and after that book and set the stage for the final book in the original Topics Trilogy. Its really great because I have laid out this very intricate road map and have such a clear picture of where I want everything to go that it is going to be a lot of fun to write these stories.




26 Feb

A huge and exciting day today with the launch of our sixth successful episode. A good friend of mine, actor Allen Regimbal guest stars on this weeks episode and the reviews just back up what we all really wanted…this episode is hilarious. Whenever you get Allen, Oggy and I in a room together hilarity is sure to ensue. We go into all sorts of wild stuff like native americas, super heroes, what to do in south dakota besides masturbate, and what its really like experience the culture shock that is Los Angeles. In addition to that, we woke to overwhelming news. The Infamous Chronicles podcast has now passed 1600 total listens for the season so far and has over 300 downloads. We are currently sititng int he top 20 literature podcasts on the internet and couldnt be more excited. The final exciting news is that Allen that is featured on this weeks episode is in fact whom the character of Reggie Scott is based on in my upcoming novel, Topics Too, due out April 27th 2013.

The Infamous Chronicles Podcast finally launches new episode!

17 Feb

THE INFAMOUS CHRONICLES PODCAST episode five has finally launched! Last week took a tole on our servers and we had to wait to reload and we have launched the next adventure in this audio orgasm! The Maestro from THE MARTIAN LANDSCAPE radio show returns in his solo episode and him and Jeremy discuss sex and other goodies. Also, Jeremy reveals the entire cast for the upcoming book!


Topics Too Kickstarter campaign to self-publish the new books

15 Feb

Topics Too Kickstarter campaign to self-publish the new books

Help us self publish the new book and support our kickstarter campaign. We set the funding low to keep it reasonable and I would love to protect the creative integrity of the book by self publishing. There are tons of great prizes and rewards for everyone who comes over and shows some love. When I published my first book in 2008 it was bastardized by the publishers and editors to make it more “marketable”. Help me publish this amazing new book in its true form


The First Secret is Found!

13 Feb

The First Secret is Found!

With the launch of the brand new site this week fans quickly realized that it wasn’t just another website, it was an adventure. Hidden inside are over 25 confirmed secret pages, prizes, jokes, pictures, unpublished stories, secret podcasts and so much more. There are awesome prizes for the first to find them all.